Every Week Inspiration #12

Vinbladet Magazine

Vinbladet is a great example of Scandinavian style designed by Teft Design

Vinbladet Free Digital Magazine. More on www.magpla.net MagPlanet #TabletMagazine #DigitalMag

iTunes: Vinbladet
Price: free
Platform: Adobe DPS

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Free mags in Appstore (Part 1)

I checked out Apple Newsstand and choose the most inspiring free interactive magazines.
Read also Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 and a list of all free iPad Mags

TNW Magazine

TNW iPad Magazine2

Category: News
web: www.thenextweb.com
Platform: Mag+

Square Mile

Square Mile iPad Magazine

Category: Lifestyle
web: www.squaremile.com
Platform: Picsean

#5 Magazine

#5 iPad Magazine

Category: Lifestyle
web: www.5mag.co
Platform: digifi.it

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Adobe Press

10 Fundamental Rules of Designing for Digital Magazines

10 Fundamental Rules of Designing for DPS Magazines

  1. Provide navigation clues.
  2. Use both vertical and horizontal layouts.
  3. Adjust your layouts for each orientation.
  4. Use landscape and portrait formats to best advantage.
  5. Remember what your audience wants.
  6. Rethink how a “page” should look.
  7. Try to agree on the same indicators as other publications use.
  8. Help your readers.
  9. Go to the movies!
  10. Add a sense of play.

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