Guide to Digital Publishing

Which tool to choose to create a digital magazine?  In this article, you can find classifications of digital magazines and links to the Tools.

Classifications of digital magazines

Types of digital mags:

  • Replica. Digital reproduction of print magazine titles. (without interactivity)
  • Digital Edition. Print magazines with extra interactive features (Video, audio, links,  galleries).
  • Interactive (Digital) Magazine.

Creating Digital Edition:

  1. From scratch.
  2. From PDF. (You already have .pdf file and want to add interactivity) Continue reading

Free mags in Appstore (Part 1)

I checked out Apple Newsstand and choose the most inspiring free interactive magazines.
Read also Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 and a list of all free iPad Mags

TNW Magazine

TNW iPad Magazine2

Category: News
Platform: Mag+

Square Mile

Square Mile iPad Magazine

Category: Lifestyle
Platform: Picsean

#5 Magazine

#5 iPad Magazine

Category: Lifestyle

Continue reading