Digital Publishing Tools. Adobe DPS


Adobe DPS is the most popular digital publishing tool, about 80 % of digital issues and 150M publications built with Adobe DPS. What are pros and cons of DPS? Who are DPS customers? How much does an app cost? And asked the DPS expert David Hicks and art director of Top Gear magazine Owen Norris, what do they think of DPS and what they can advise to new publishers. 

Adobe DPS


Publish on:
Svalka-02 Digital Publishing Digital Publishing Svalka-03 Tablets, Phones
Supported OS:
Svalka-02 Mac OS, Svalka-03 Windows OS (App Builder only Mac OS)
Software requirements: Adobe InDesign CS6-CC


About 80% of digital issues consumed on mobile devices made with Adobe DPS more than 150M publications. Large publishing houses, universities, corporations, small design studios and freelancers use Adobe DPS to create digital publications.

Digital Publishing Tools. Adobe DPS
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