How to choose a digital publishing platform


We want to import publications from Adobe DPS to a new platform (fast and easy):

We don’t want our own application. We want to be on the internet:

It’s important for us to have a web-viewer as well as an app on the App Store :

We need a platform for privet publications:

We are a design studio. We provide a lot of services and looking for one platform to create all kind of publications: magazines, books, catalogs:

We are a publishing house and we want a solution for all our needs: creating a mag from a scratch, publishing existing PDF-mags, catalogs, magazines, books and exercise books:

We are small publishing house. We want to create interactive publications for reasonable price:

We want to create interactive magazines under $200 per month:

We don’t know that we want,we want to see some examples:

We don’t want to spend more than $100 per month. And we want our own app. 

We want to create a magazine in InDesign:

We have a PDF and want to publish in without interactivity:

We want responsive design:

We don’t want to hire a designer, we want to do all ourselves:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money), we want to create impressive portfolio:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money) and we know HTML:

Digital Publishing Tools. Purple


I have a mindset – everything from Germany is high quality: cars, roads, and chocolate. The most popular German publishing platform Purple isn’t an exception. Look how many well-known companies use it.


Publish on:Svalka-02Digital PublishingDigital Publishing Tablets, Phones
from €400

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Digital Publishing Tools. TabletPlanet

REview2  You know I think Spanish digital magazines are the best. Look at Revista Vis-à-Vis. It won Digital Magazine Awards last year and this e-mag has been my personal favourite for ages. I found out  Revista Vis-à-Vis has been using a Spanish publishing platform TabletPlanet. I was able to talk to Jesús Pérez (CEO of TabletPlanet) and Ángel Anaya Barroso (editor of Vis-à-Vis) and ask them about this amazing platform.

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New platform Adobe Publish


Adobe will bring Adobe Publish to market in Summer 2015.Adobe Publish is a platform that builds upon the foundation of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to bring the next generation of mobile app publishing. It will allow our customers to make mobile apps for phones and tablets without requiring development and to produce and distribute great content in simple, cost-effective and modern ways.

Source: Blogs Adobe

Digital Publishing Tools. Triobo


Triobo is a web-based platform for creating digital publications and single apps. Using online Triobo editor you can create interactive publications for free and pay when you’re ready to publish. Triobo is a leader of Czech digital publishing market.



Publish on:
Svalka-02Digital PublishingDigital Publishing Tablets, Phones, Web 
Supported OS:
 web-based application
Software requirements: Chrome or Safari browsers


Using Triobo you can create and publish digital magazines, single apps, interactive catalogs and brochures on Apple, Android, Amazon App Stores and web.

Examples of some Triobo apps you can find on

Triobo review Triobo review Triobo review Triobo review
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Digital Publishing Tools. Mag+


Mag+ is an InDesign-based plugin for creating tablet and smartphone digital publications. Mag+ is one of the industry leaders with more than 3000 apps on Apple, Android and Amazon App Stores.  Mag+ pro Peter Stirratt will tell how the Mag+ target audience has changed and give his professional advice.



Publish on:
Svalka-02 Digital Publishing Digital Publishing Tablets, Phones
Supported OS:
Svalka-02 Mac OS, Svalka-03 Windows OS
Software requirements: Adobe InDesign CS6-CC


Mag+ has more than 800 clients and 3000+ apps on Apple, Android and Amazon App Stores. With Mag+ you can create magazines, sales materials, catalogs and brochures.

You can find some of these apps on

Mag+ Review
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Digital Publishing Tools. Adobe DPS


Adobe DPS is the most popular digital publishing tool, about 80 % of digital issues and 150M publications built with Adobe DPS. What are pros and cons of DPS? Who are DPS customers? How much does an app cost? And asked the DPS expert David Hicks and art director of Top Gear magazine Owen Norris, what do they think of DPS and what they can advise to new publishers. 

Adobe DPS


Publish on:
Svalka-02 Digital Publishing Digital Publishing Svalka-03 Tablets, Phones
Supported OS:
Svalka-02 Mac OS, Svalka-03 Windows OS (App Builder only Mac OS)
Software requirements: Adobe InDesign CS6-CC


About 80% of digital issues consumed on mobile devices made with Adobe DPS more than 150M publications. Large publishing houses, universities, corporations, small design studios and freelancers use Adobe DPS to create digital publications.

Digital Publishing Tools. Adobe DPS
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Guide to Digital Publishing

Which tool to choose to create a digital magazine?  In this article, you can find classifications of digital magazines and links to the Tools.

Classifications of digital magazines

Types of digital mags:

  • Replica. Digital reproduction of print magazine titles. (without interactivity)
  • Digital Edition. Print magazines with extra interactive features (Video, audio, links,  galleries).
  • Interactive (Digital) Magazine.

Creating Digital Edition:

  1. From scratch.
  2. From PDF. (You already have .pdf file and want to add interactivity) Continue reading