Apple UI Design Dos and Don’ts

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8 Excellent Examples of Product Placement in eMags

I hope, digital publishing will kill boring ad. Let’s see screencast of smart, selling, interesting and effective product placement in digital magazines. Every designer, publisher and marketing manager has to see it.

1. Digital magazine Better Homes and Gardens will make you feel like an interior designer. My favourite feature in this magazine, really smart solution.

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Designing an Interactive Magazine. Scrollable Frames

Text frames are the base of print design; print magazine layout entirely depends on the articles’ lengths, unlike digital magazines which can create a scrollable frame and place a text of any size in a particular frame.
Scrollable frames change the process of creating magazines and their design.

Designing an Interactive Magazine.

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Designing an Interactive Magazine. Pagination

Regular page numbers don’t work for a digital magazine with up and down scrolling pages and the reader cannot guess how long the article is. There are no generally accepted principles of designing page footers, although more magazines are using paginate or page numbers. It’s good form to paginate vertical pages. 

Designing an Interactive Magazine. Page Footer

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