How to develop an eye for UX design?

Heuristic evaluation is a great tool for developing an eye for design and understanding best practices. This set of guidelines helps you to notice important details and discover patterns

  1. Define what you want to accomplish. (Example: I want to create a mind map and share it with my colleagues)
  2. Go through the usability check list. You can use Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristics for User Interface Design or this extended list* of usability guidelines. This list is action oriented. It follows a user’s flow.
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How to present design decisions (Framework)

5 steps to prepare for any presentation whether explaining a paper prototype to a colleague or presenting a product to a client.

Designers explain design decisions every day. Sometimes a presentation can decline into a fruitless pattern of never-ending questions or irrelevant recommendations. This framework helps to:

  • keep listeners focused on crucial aspects
  • ensure everyone is on the same page
  • save time preparing for a presentation
  • compose structured presentation on the go
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How to choose a digital publishing platform


We want to import publications from Adobe DPS to a new platform (fast and easy):

We don’t want our own application. We want to be on the internet:

It’s important for us to have a web-viewer as well as an app on the App Store :

We need a platform for privet publications:

We are a design studio. We provide a lot of services and looking for one platform to create all kind of publications: magazines, books, catalogs:

We are a publishing house and we want a solution for all our needs: creating a mag from a scratch, publishing existing PDF-mags, catalogs, magazines, books and exercise books:

We are small publishing house. We want to create interactive publications for reasonable price:

We want to create interactive magazines under $200 per month:

We don’t know that we want,we want to see some examples:

We don’t want to spend more than $100 per month. And we want our own app. 

We want to create a magazine in InDesign:

We have a PDF and want to publish in without interactivity:

We want responsive design:

We don’t want to hire a designer, we want to do all ourselves:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money), we want to create impressive portfolio:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money) and we know HTML:

Digital Publishing Tools. Triobo


I’ve been using Triobo for two of my projects for over a year now, and it never ceases to amaze me. It’s one of the cheapest all-in-one solutions on the market, but it provides a high-quality service and a great support every time I need it. If you’re still deciding on a publishing platform, read these interviews and try Triobo for free.


Publish on:
Svalka-02Digital PublishingDigital PublishingWindows Tablets, Phones, Web 
Supported OS:
 web-based application
Software requirements: Chrome or Safari browsers

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Digital Publishing Tools. TabletPlanet

REview2  You know I think Spanish digital magazines are the best. Look at Revista Vis-à-Vis. It won Digital Magazine Awards last year and this e-mag has been my personal favourite for ages. I found out  Revista Vis-à-Vis has been using a Spanish publishing platform TabletPlanet. I was able to talk to Jesús Pérez (CEO of TabletPlanet) and Ángel Anaya Barroso (editor of Vis-à-Vis) and ask them about this amazing platform.

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10 steps to getting more downloads for your digital magazines…

Useful tips from a lead digital publishing specialist David Hicks

Digital Matters.

Where can publishers look to improve their current digital circulation on tablets and phones? Here are ten reasons thatI think are a factor in the poor download numbers up to now, and the steps to take:

1. Download size. If it takes longer than five minutes to download an issue. Forget it. Cut the issue down to size with compression, HTML – anything that means the editorialcan be read almost instantly is a very good thing.

2. Don’t embed video unless vital…. Video files vastly increase download size, and the majority of users are at home with Wi-Fi so streamed content would work just fine, and its easier to measure. Oh, and avoid video covers with autoplay and sound. Can be massivelyirritating (especially on the tube!) and unnecessary in many cases. Besides… What other apps have embedded video?

3. PDF replicas sadly, still exist, and many digital magazine…

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Top 20 Free Digital Magazines 2015 Top 20 Free Digital Magazines 2015

In 2014 I posted a list of Top 25 Free Digital Magazines, this post was very popular, several thousand viewed it. This year I decided to repeat the success and prepare a new list of the best digital magazines of 2015. It was a terrible idea.

Since 2014 thousands of new tablet magazines have been published on the App Store, and they are considerably better, in 2014 90% of magazines I reviewed was complete trash or pdf-replicas. In 2015 the quality of tablet magazines is better, they are very different. Top 25 of 2014 list was heavily dominated by magazines made in Adobe DPS, this year is different I saw many new interesting publishing platforms, some of them stood out for me, and I can’t wait to try them.

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