How to choose a digital publishing platform


We want to import publications from Adobe DPS to a new platform (fast and easy):

We don’t want our own application. We want to be on the internet:

It’s important for us to have a web-viewer as well as an app on the App Store :

We need a platform for privet publications:

We are a design studio. We provide a lot of services and looking for one platform to create all kind of publications: magazines, books, catalogs:

We are a publishing house and we want a solution for all our needs: creating a mag from a scratch, publishing existing PDF-mags, catalogs, magazines, books and exercise books:

We are small publishing house. We want to create interactive publications for reasonable price:

We want to create interactive magazines under $200 per month:

We don’t know that we want,we want to see some examples:

We don’t want to spend more than $100 per month. And we want our own app. 

We want to create a magazine in InDesign:

We have a PDF and want to publish in without interactivity:

We want responsive design:

We don’t want to hire a designer, we want to do all ourselves:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money), we want to create impressive portfolio:

We are young and ambitious (and as it goes without money) and we know HTML: