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I’ve been using Triobo for two of my projects for over a year now, and it never ceases to amaze me. It’s one of the cheapest all-in-one solutions on the market, but it provides a high-quality service and a great support every time I need it. If you’re still deciding on a publishing platform, read these interviews and try Triobo for free.


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 web-based application
Software requirements: Chrome or Safari browsers


Starting price for multi-issue publishing in one branded reader application starts at 89,90 USD per month.

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Six reasons to choose Triobo

  1.  Unique technical solution – “all in one solution” allows creating fully interactive publications including real animations and multimedia elements. Resulting publications have minimal data volume, load quickly and run easily even on low-cost Androids.   
  2. Low startup costs – No need to invest in expensive software, all your work may be created on ordinary PC, including the final inspection on real tablet/phone before publishing, no need to install anything
  3.  Truly multiplatform solution – create in one place and publish on all tablets and smartphones (Apple iOS, Android, Windows10, Amazon Kindle Fire), desktops and notebooks  (Windows 10), Apple Watch and the Web.
  4. Robust analytical functions – monitor the readership of your magazine up to the individual article. When combined with GA (Mobile App Analytics) you analyze the behavior to every single event (object level)  
  5. Help with app launch – technical support includes a free compilation of your Reader app, and sending it for approval.
  6. PDF replica in one click. It takes only three minutes to publish a magazine.


Using Triobo you can create and publish digital magazines, single apps, interactive catalogs and brochures on Apple, Android, Amazon App Stores and web.

Examples of some Triobo apps you can find on


Pro’s opinion. Martin Vlach

Martin Vlach
Freelance Graphic Designer at

How long have you been using Triobo?

I have been using Triobo for several years, practically since the first time it had emerged – and it immediately caught my attention. Right away I felt that this was it – a new publishing direction towards tablets and smartphones (and now also to the web). 

 What do you think are pros of Triobo?

The greatest advantage I see that it is very easy to use. As a graphic designer and desk top publisher I was able to work with it immediately, after opening the editor I could unleash my creativity. The basic idea is simple – I draw frames on page and insert texts, images, videos, audio files, or even your own HTML code, if I wanted to program anything in my publication. In this universality I see the greatest advantage – it is quite simple to do anything I want. Triobo also offers alternatives to animate embedded objects, multistate objects that may be switched with buttons or automatically, photo galleries … I can upload any fonts to Triobo Editor, so I am not restricted in any way. Very trivial is also definition of colors and storing them in color palettes with later application to selected text / object. I can also define styles of paragraph and characters, which is certainly valued by magazine designers.  In summary, quite simply I create whatever comes to my mind and publish it with a single click on appropriate button. Well, now I also realize that it is possible to preview a fully functional publication any time I want, where everything is clickable and animated as in the final publication.

What do you think are cons of Triobo?

It is hard to say what may be called disadvantage, it depends on your point of view. I can say that Triobo does not offer to work with vectors (bézier curves). It is Triobo Editor in which you must upload all sources, I cannot draw anything there or edit audio / video. The question is whether it is good or bad. I could welcome béziers in case the work with them would be on reasonable level, including the combination of shapes. But I’m not missing this much and would take it as a bonus. I recognize Triobo as “another” graphic application that I keep running while working. When I create anything, I have running at least Photoshop and Illustrator, sometimes even InDesign and switch between them when I need. 

Do you have something to add?

What should I add in conclusion,  perhaps what strikes me immediately is the encouragement, people should not be afraid to start working with Triobo, because there is really nothing to be afraid of. In my life I’ve learned to work with lots of different systems and Triobo falls among the simplest ones, at least from the perspective of graphic designer / desk top publisher, who has routinized principles that are used in Triobo as well as in Adobe.

Pro’s opinion. Lubor Matěj

Lubor Matěj
Managing Director at iPublishing, Ltd

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How long have you been using Triobo?

We have been working with Triobo since 2012. Actually already have more than 50 titles that were published using Triobo software.

What do you think are pros of Triobo?

The key benefits of Triobo solution are: multiplatform features, flexible support and high reliability.

What do you think are cons of Triobo?

Focus on more favorite conditions for business partners. 

Do you have something to add?

Thanks to Triobo ‘engine’ we can easily create highly attractive publications and we have got a significant market share in this area. 

Pro’s opinion. Pavel Nygrýn

Pavel Nygrýn
Head of pop-sci and historical editors at Extra Publishing
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How long have you been using Triobo?

We have began publishing the he first magazine of our portfolio in 2013.

What do you think are pros of Triobo?

Multiplatformity of the Reader app as well as universal use from production aspect. Ability to prepare high-quality interactive output for different types and sizes of mobile devices. Extremely rapid learning curve, experienced designer can prepare the first publication within few days from registration to Triobo Editor. May use different channels for payment, advanced statistics are already integrated.

What do you think are cons of Triobo?

The only risk lies in noticeable changes on the side of various operating systems where the reader app is running. The development is so fast that it sometimes confuses the user. We need just simple work with finished issues and only the “clean export” to sales channels.

Do you have something to add?

Triobo wins big over the similar systems for production of multimedia publications especially because of much greater production efficiency. This applies not only to production time (including special animation effects), but also the option to inspect your work on real device before the actual publishing.

Pro’s opinion. David Jonáš

David Jonáš
Freelance Graphic Designer

How long have you been using Triobo?

 I have been using Triobo on several projects since last year.

What do you think are pros of Triobo?

There is no need to install anything, unlike most software it does not take up any of your disk space. The application is not limited to hardware performance so the quality of internet connection plays important role. Your work is done online, so the result of your work can be observed real time through clients web browser. The application is universal across all platforms and works on most available modern web browsers. The use of all work tools in Triobo is absolutely free. The client pays only after he decides to publish his content. All interactive objects are made by automat that that is using programming languages, therefore everything works well even on devices that do not support flash.

What do you think are cons of Triobo?

In case of bad internet connection your work is too slow. There is no option to export your data to a disk without using Triobo Editor for reading. Only average appearance of tool panel and the entire environment of Triobo Editor in comparison with other software that have more sophisticated UI/UX design.

Do you have something to add?

Triobo is amazing tool in digital publishing world, where graphic designer without any knowledge of HTML and JAVA may concentrate on work without knowing these programming languages. The limitation of your work is only your imagination and not possibilities that are offered by Triobo.