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REview2  You know I think Spanish digital magazines are the best. Look at Revista Vis-à-Vis. It won Digital Magazine Awards last year and this e-mag has been my personal favourite for ages. I found out  Revista Vis-à-Vis has been using a Spanish publishing platform TabletPlanet. I was able to talk to Jesús Pérez (CEO of TabletPlanet) and Ángel Anaya Barroso (editor of Vis-à-Vis) and ask them about this amazing platform.



Publish on:
Svalka-02Digital Publishing Tablets, Phones, Web
Supported OS:
 Apple, Windows
Software requirements: InDesign


 What is a minimum price to publish a multy-issue app on App Store? 
The monthly price for Unlimited Standard License is 365€ (tax not included)
Basic Standard License Non-recurrent Publishing (Licencia Estándar BASICA Publicación NO periodica)
It is entry-level License. To publish a catalog, annual report of a company, to introduce your company in mobile publishing …
Cost: 1.390€
This give you:
  • A multy-issue app on iOS for iPhone & iPad;
  • A multy-issue app on Android for smartphones & tablets
  • Everything on standard License: Custom app design, Google Analytics, notifications, private area, …
  • So many additional free services …
  • One issue.
  • Additional issues: 390€

 Five reasons to choose TabletPlanet

Best platform on iOS: solid interface as a rock; smooth transitions between pages; the fast video player on market; easy and transparent HTML 5 content integration; everything on Tablet Planet platform is focused to achive amazing results.
For publishers to publishers: we have in mind what a publisher needs. One production, two output: normal and retina; only one issue for iOS (iPad&iPhone), Android (smartphone&tablet) an PC&Mac viewer; choose from 4:3 o/y 16:9 format; edit native Tablet Planet format (XML) if you want, to do some actions quickly; PDF automatic conversion to Tablet Planet issue format to preserve older content in newest apps; …
Price: We have all power of Tablet Planet in several kinds of licenses. With entry level licenses to begin, and more complex options to grow with you and your business.
Customisation: We sell standard licenses. But we are the makers of Tablet Planet. We can help you to solve your needs with special features in our platform. For instance, we have a javascript API who can give you extra power to develop special contents like premium interactive ads or pages connected to a server to give customised experiences based on login or other kind of data. And with the SDK we can create a HTML project with custom workflow and a custom business logic.
Wide and growing platform: Our platform it is actually wide enough with viewers in iOS, Android and PC/Mac, and our solution covers form startup companies to traditional publishers, and non publisher companies. But we are always looking for new solutions like apps with a mix of pixel perfect content and news content, and HTML 5 viewers.


TabletPlanet has an impressive portfolio: award-winning magazines, magazines from TOP free mags, best Spanish digital magazines.

See a case study on



With TabletPlanet you can create engaging pages in InDesign using a plag-in.


Pro’s opinion

zPOh9__aÁngel Anaya Barroso
Co-Editor of Vis-à-Vis magazine and Mine magazine
Editorial: PLOI MEDIA

How long have you been using Tablet Planet?
We have a very special relationship with Tablet Planet and Roduly (the developer of this software). Ploi Media published the first free magazine in Spanish and edited exclusively for iPad: Vis-à-Vis. We use other software to do so. A year after the first issue, we met Roduly and they showed us their software: Tablet Planet. It was not yet in final phase but we found a high quality solution with many possibilities. We do not doubt. In a few days, we reached an agreement with Roduly and we help them to close Tablet Planet thanks to our experience as editors of digital magazines. Today, Tablet Planet is one of the best digital publishing solutions and we are excited to continue with this tool and developing further improvements.
 What do you think are pros of Tablet Planet?
  1. Traffic data and software are separated. Not all tools offer this possibility but this is very important, especially for some business models. A customer pays for TabletPlanet data traffic it really costs because he can choose which company hires this service. If he wants, he can use own servers.
  2. It is very easy to use. Any designer can accommodate paper and design tool with this software.
  3. If you’re a designer with experience in digital publishing, the possibilities are endless. Easy for beginners and powerful for experts.
  4. Tablet Planet allows great customization. Developers are open to implement customizations and solutions specific to a customer if it is interesting.
  5. In all devices: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and web (very useful for certain customers)
What do you think are cons of Tablet Planet?
There are not many. If we have to highlight one, we would say the user interface, but the next update greatly improve this aspect.
Do you have something to add?
Our two magazines are the best example of running this software. In addition, they are free ;)
Download  Vis-à-Vis: 
Download Mine: