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I have a mindset – everything from Germany is high quality: cars, roads, and chocolate. The most popular German publishing platform Purple isn’t an exception. Look how many well-known companies use it.


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Workflow & Interface

Purple is a smart choice for publishing houses with an archive. You can turn your old print magazine into a fancy new digital publication no matter if you have InDEsign files or only PDF.

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Five reasons to choose Purple

  1. End-to-End Service
    Our overall goal is to empower publishers to create apps people love. To archive that goal, we provide the best end-to-end service alongside our publishing suite. We offer services such as help with app strategy, workflow integration, workflow automation, app analytics and monetization strategies and even app marketing to make sure publishers create the best user experience for a profitable app.
  2. App Design – Combine different assets from different sources
    Our integrated app design software is unique for the content mix options and content enhancements. It is the only one that allows users to combine individual assets (video, text, …) and ready-to-use layouts from sources such as Adobe InDesign® or their CMS and to additionally enrich them with animations and interactions – all in one tool. That way users can easily reuse existing content and mix it up with mobile-only content.
  3. Snackable content, that gets delivered frequently
    Mobile content is consumed differently than print and even desktop content. Users expect regular updates and easy-to-digest content. That so-called “snackable” content needs to be served in new mobile formats. With Purple, you can integrate news channels in your print replica or you can create original mobile first app formats. That freedom allows you to test out ideas and to easily scale your digital business.
  4. Transparent pricing
    It is important to us, that our customers know what they are up to financially. That’s why you can find our transparent pricing model on our website. We don’t have hidden download costs or shares. In the future we will also offer service packages, to make the pricing for our consulting and technology services transparent as well.
  5. Great customer support
    We listen. We understand. We help. You will always interact with a real person that knows your business. Every day we learn more about digital publishing, mobile user behaviors and new trends in the market, to share our knowledge with you. Customers have access to free webinars, white papers and our newsletter. We also started the blog where we and guest bloggers collect the coolest digital publishing projects from around the world.


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Guides Full formats
Harper’s BAZAAR Mag Germany
Rolling Stone
EPOS – History and Science


Case study:

Pro’s opinion

Paula Weber
Project Manager E-Publishing, Burda Merchandising
Burda Magazine Holding GmbH

How long have you been using Purple platform?

Hubert Burda Media has been using the Purple Publishing Suite for over a year now with more than 15 Apps, each live on iOS and Android.

What do you think are pros of Purple platform?

The great advantage of Purple is the design software. It gives us the opportunity to import content from different sources like PDF or InDesign and to mix this imported content with additional media like videos and interactions or animations.

Additional to the great product features, we really appreciate the great personal customer support and services sprylab offers for Purple Publish customers (webinars, workshops etc.).

What do you think are cons of Purple platform?

As a publisher, multi-issue apps are our daily business, so for us the app kiosk is important to convert users. At the moment the design of the app kiosk for multi-issue apps is limited to basic design changes. But they promised more options will come with the next release in march.

Another slight flaw is the complexity of the Purple Composer. We would love to have a more intuitive handling and more automatisms because of the large amount of issues we need to publish on a regular basis.

If you have something to add, I’d appreciate!

sprylab really cares for their Purple Publishing Suite users. We have the opportunity to give open feedback and to request features. With platforms like an user expert advisory board and great customer support, we really feel that we can influence the road map.