Digital Publishing Tools. Oomph


Oomph has been  voted twice the best digital publishing platform in the world. Aren’t you curious why? Watch OomphHQ webinar to see that a hidden jam Oomph is. 



Publish on:
Svalka-02Digital Publishing Tablets, Phones
Supported OS:
 Apple, Windows
Software requirements: InDesign


A minimum price to publish a multy-issue app on App Stores is $750.


Using Oomph you can create and publish digital magazines, single apps, interactive catalogs and brochures on Apple and Android.

Download Oomph apps and see for yourself how the end product works.



Oomph is an Indesign-based tool; you can create a magazine in the familiar environment.

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Online webinar on youtube.

Five reasons to choose Oomph

  1. Easy to use
  2. Cost effective
  3. High level of interactivity
  4. Free to use until you want to push an app live
  5. Rated as the best digital publishing platform in the world!


  1. Easy to learn and use
  2. No coding skills required
  3.  You can create rich, interactive, hight quality, engaging content straight from your print files.