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The Digital Edition team has been very active in the digital community if you don’t know them by now, where have you been all this time? Not only ED has an amazing team, but they also manage to create a great tool. If you’re looking for the all-in-one solution, I strongly recommend ED. Everybody who works with ED praises their support team.



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Svalka-02Digital Publishing Tablets, Phones, Web
Software requirements: Web browser


 What is a minimum price to publish a multy-issue app on App Store? 
All our plans include:
• No license fee
• Unlimited views and downloads
• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited interactivity (video, audio, galleries, surveys, forms, parallax, long reads and animations)
• Mobile editor
• Unlimited pages
Promoted articles (apps and web)
• Advanced analytics
• SEO optimization console (landing pages)
• Free support• With our Basic Plan publishers can publish up to 10 issues/year on web for 99€/month and can separately purchase iOS or Android app for 1.500€ or both for 2.500€.
• Our Advanced plan covers up to 24 issues/year and includes publishing on web as well as iOS and Android app for 499€/month.
• Our Pro plan covers unlimited issues, iOS and Android apps and branded web based newsstand (With just a few clicks publishers can create a newsstand with a complete user management and unified access control over web and app purchases).

 Five reasons to choose ED

  1. A true one stop shop for digital publishers – The solution unifies all five points of effective digital publishing; CREATING, MANAGING, DISTRIBUTING, MONETISING and ANALYSING.
  2. It’s perfect for smaller and bigger publishers, for publishers just entering the digital space and well established digital publishers. Edition Digital covers the whole spectrum from simple PDF replicas to highly interactive digital magazines created from scratch and everything in-between.
  3.  Powerful design and animation tools with no additional coding required. (Demo:
  4. Content is available across all platforms – tablets, mobile devices, and on the desktop.  Design once, distribute everywhere.
  5. Monetisation of digital content through branded digital newsstands, iOS and Android apps – with complete user management and unified access control over web and app purchases.


Some of the apps created with Edition Digital:
Zoom-Zoom Magazine (USA)
Land Rover Official Magazine
Plugin Magazine
Poslovni Carzine
Fiat Us! Magazine



You don’t have to pay for overpriced (let’s be honest) Adobe products; all you need is a browser.


37g5mgbdzsxgmwonub2t9x92r aps9pfax31g9v2nukk3jiiqejPro’s opinion. Ben Brewis

Ben Brewis, Design Director for Digimags. We produce Back To School Magazine & Movers + Homemakers magazines.
How long have you been using ED?
At Digimags we’ve been using Edition Digital for almost 3 years now, so we can fully appreciate the time and effort that has been put into the service. The latest version is a great leap forward for publishers like us, with flexible customisation options and in-depth user statistics. Last year the platform used Flash but it’s now fully html5.
What do you think are pros of ED?

From a design perspective it is flawless which gives us confidence to produce more striking and imaginative content for our readers. Interactive detail, videos and mobile versions can be made in seconds freeing valuable time for content creation. It’s here that the positive experience of creating a publication is translated to the readers. No coding needed.

Our workflow uses InDesign which is then output as a pdf then uploaded and animated, but we can create live pages right within ED if needed.
The admin interface and folio sections are a joy to work with, covering everything you can think of regarding design, promotion and statistics. Also the pricing structure means there is something for everyone; no need to spend many €1,000s just to use the service.
The most important part for us is that each magazine can be modified live at any point in it’s run, pleasing advertisers who wish to change a page mid-issue. We can add, remove or replace a single page at any time… no problem.
What do you think are cons of ED?

It is hard to think of something to say here. Right now we have had no problems and everything we need is in place.

Do you have something to add?

They have a great support team who’ve always helped us out, to a level that I cannot imagine would be supplied from similar services. This really gives us confidence to get the most out of digital publishing in 2016.

 Pro’s opinion. Hannah Wade

How long have you been using ED?
Since September 2015.

What do you think are pros of ED?
The format of the software is similar to the design software that I use to create the pages in the magazine so it’s easy to learn and simple to use. It also means I can create lovely, animated magazine without the fuss of html. The software is also very quick, meaning that I can upload pdfs quickly.

What do you think are cons of ED?
As the software is still being built, there are a few things that I’m not able to use yet (such as the image library which will save a bit of time on uploading images). But each time I create a new edition, there are new features for me to test, so everything is being built very fast!

If you have something to add, I’d appreciate!
Customer service is great and someone always replies quickly with any questions I have!

Pro’s opinion. Graeme Coop

Graeme Coop, Dwell Agency

How long have you been using ED?

We used ED for a single issue promotional magazine a few months ago.

2. What do you think are pros of ED?

  1. The publishing side is extremely easy to use, with simple shareable links to send readers to the issue.
  2. The interface is fairly clear, when the extra features such as image sequences and custom fonts are added it could be a very versatile platform.
  3. The animation editor shows great potential for designers to add small movements without having to rely on developers.
  4. The ability to make a mobile version is good, but could be clearer if it was more visually-based like the main page layout screen.
  5. Very clear and simple analytics page.
  6. There are an increasing amount of helpful video tutorials that are easily accessible from any page.

What do you think are cons of ED?

  1. Sometimes limited by the fact that it is browser-based in terms of loading times in moving around the issue to other pages/layouts.
  2. Very limited range of fonts is pretty restrictive, meaning many headlines have to be imported as images.
  3. The mobile layout editor was hard to understand at first, and is quite restricted in terms of design.

 If you have something to add, I’d appreciate! 

Like all software this took a little getting used to at first, but on the whole I think it could be a very useful tool for publishers wanting to create smaller issues at very little cost.

The ease of publishing is probably it’s strongest feature, and the ability to send a web link direct to your publication is great, along with the ability to add a mobile version.

***Please Note***

We used this program back in November, and a few of the features I had struggled with (could not upload video files, no autoplay option) I notice have now been added, so there may have also been developments with some other things I have mentioned above!