10 steps to getting more downloads for your digital magazines…

Useful tips from a lead digital publishing specialist David Hicks

Digital Matters.

Where can publishers look to improve their current digital circulation on tablets and phones? Here are ten reasons thatI think are a factor in the poor download numbers up to now, and the steps to take:

1. Download size. If it takes longer than five minutes to download an issue. Forget it. Cut the issue down to size with compression, HTML – anything that means the editorialcan be read almost instantly is a very good thing.

2. Don’t embed video unless vital…. Video files vastly increase download size, and the majority of users are at home with Wi-Fi so streamed content would work just fine, and its easier to measure. Oh, and avoid video covers with autoplay and sound. Can be massivelyirritating (especially on the tube!) and unnecessary in many cases. Besides… What other apps have embedded video?

3. PDF replicas sadly, still exist, and many digital magazine…

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