Top 5 Influential Magazines TAG

There are great e-magazines that influence my design significantly. That is why I come up with an idea of #InfluentialMags TAG. I want to know what magazines influenced your work and share mine with you.


It was hard to choose only five, but I made it. My TOP-5 magazines. They amazing and full of inspiration!

  1. Real SimpleReal Simple

2. Squire Miles

Square Mile

3. Stuff


4.Revista Don

Revista copy

5. #5 (The first digital magazine I downloaded on my iPhone, before I’ve even started making e-mags)


I’m curious to know that digital magazines influenced your work! Since this is a TAG, I’d like to tag David Hicks, Stephane Skrzypczak, F. Javier Gomez, Marc Hartog, Lars Jenssen, Owen Norris, Andrey Rankov, Алексей Бурсаков, Bart Van de Wiele.

Please use tag #InfluentialMags and tag your friends and colleagues.