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Publish on:
Svalka-02 Digital Publishing Tablets, Phones, Web Reader 
Supported OS:
Svalka-02 Mac OS, Svalka-03 Windows OS
Software requirements: Adobe InDesign CS6-CC


Among Twixl’s clients are My Volvo Magazine, See NL, Fast Company (South Africa) more showcases you can find on


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Interactive Features

  • Hyperlinks
  • Slideshows
  • Audio and video
  • Image sequences
  • Panoramas
  • Web overlay
  • Dual orientation
  • Animations
  • Scrollable content
  • Action buttons
  • H / V swipe
  • Table of contents support
  • Analytics options (supports the use of Google Analytics, Flurry or Localytics to provides statistics at page level.)
  • Share via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter
  • PDF compatible


On twixlmedia youtube channel you can find a lot of tutorials.

Pro’s opinion

Twixl’s pro Francisco Silva and Sol Moschetti from Typos Móviles and Thomaz Gustafsson CIO at Stendahls tell about Twixl pros and cons, its target audience and limitations of other tools.

Francisco Silva and Sol Moschetti


Francisco Silva and Sol Moschetti. Typos Móviles Directors, a studio specialized in editorial design, based in Argentina.

How long have you been using Twixl Publisher?

We’ve been using twixl since mid-2013. We tried many solutions and chose twixl. 

Twixl Publisher Pros and Cons?


  • Easy to use
  • It’s a really powerful tool
  • It’s very stable 
  • Allows testing articles separately or as a whole publication
  • Has every function to enrich, even more than the most popular solution
  • It’s transparent, doesn’t have hidden fees 
  • Has the best support in the market. The team assists you, there are no robots on the other side
  • Has a friendly interface and it is open source
  • The basic license is enough to publish an unlimited number of issues in the main stores
  • Has a complete ecosystem (Enriched Apps, – PDF replicas – web reader) smartphones in development


  • Right now it doesn’t allow you to preview while downloading
  • The kiosk’s personalization is limited

The main question.  How is target audience(huge publishing houses or corporations or small agencies)

I think twixl’s target is divided in 3 groups:

A- Mid to large size editorials
They find a powerful tool and a fluid workflow which fits their current needs
It allows integration with Enfocus Switch to automatize preflight tasks
It allows to integrate with Woodwing.

B- Small editorials and creative agencies
The low cost is convenient and the interactive functionality set makes it an ideal solution for this group. We are in this group.

C- Companies that use iPads to control their content distribution
The Enterprise solution allows publishing a company’s material in a close environment, define users and groups with different access privileges.

What should publishers take into account when they’re choosing the tool?

Editors look for tools that naturally complement their workflow without generation implementation problems.

Something that very few editors consider is the format of these publications and the ability to be interpreted in the future by other platforms or readers. In that sense, we believe there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Twixl is an ideal tool for magazines, interactive books, newspapers, travel guides, commercial catalogues, portfolios and brand presentations.

Those editors who look for extra quality in their publications will find in twixl a powerful tool with a complete set of functionalities.

Have you tried other tools?

Yes, we’ve tried and investigated many other solutions (DPS – Aquafadas – Mag+ – AppStudio, Origami, amongst others).

We believe they are very good platforms and do a great job

In our case, we found the other platforms have some limitations that wouldn’t allow us to advance in their use. However, we would still use them for specific proyects. 

Some limitations were: 

  • High cost 
  • Lack of independence in management and control
  • Limited number of issues per year
  • Additional fees
  • Files are too heavy
  • Slow learning curve
  • Unfriendly work environment

What do you love most about Twixl Publisher?

We believe it’s a dynamic, smart solution which walks side by side with the leaders, not behind them. 

What do you want to change in Twixl Publisher?

The table of contents and the miniatures are some of the features we would change. 

Your advice to new publishers?

Editors who have doubts can contact us and we’ll gladly help them out, sharing our experience with the platform. We can advise and help them start publishing or offer our creative services.

About Typos Móviles

Typos Móviles is one of the main studios in Argentina and the region. Amongst our clients are the famous magazine Playboy Argentina, CardPlayer Latinoamérica (Argentina/Uruguay – Chile – Colombia – México – Perú), Argentina’s Ministry of Industries, and many more.


Thomaz Gustafsson


Thomaz Gustafsson, CIO at Stendahls, 25 years in the IT/Advertising industry, 42 years old.

How long have you been using Twixl Publisher?

One year.

Twixl Publisher Pros and Cons?

The immediate pros were lower cost, easier to use, shorter production time, more open (in terms of apis etc), better support. The only cons I can think of would be iPhone support missing. But that was not an issue for us.

The main question.  How is target audience(huge publishing houses or corporations or small agencies)

For us as an advertising agency the audience have been many; ourselves (when prototyping apps), our clients internally (Volvo Sales tools), our clients customers (Magazines etc).

What should publishers take into account when they’re choosing the tool?

As always, to plan for the future in terms of selecting a cost model and technical solution that allows for the foreseen growth a year or so ahead.

What do you love most about Twixl Publisher?

The easiness for IT and our creators.

What do you want to change in Twixl Publisher?

Nothing really.

Your advice to new publishers?

This is the way to go. And saying that, we’ve looked at both DPS, Mag+ and others AND been using DPS a lot.

About Stendahls


We are a Swedish digital creative agency that designs experiences, which are loved and shared. I see Twixl as a strategic platform that ties into this and without Twixl, Stendahls would not have been able to create and deliver award winning experiences to our customers. 

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