Martin Vlach about Triobo

Czech digital designerMartin Vlach will tell about Triobo’s pros and cons, why choose Triobo and give advice to new publishers. 

MartinVlachMartin Vlach aka Wlashack , an experienced designer and graphic artist, with eighteen years’ experience with products like QuarkXPress and especially Adobe Indesign / Photoshop / Illustrator.

How long have you been working with Triobo?

I have been working with Triobo virtually every day for more than a year; I use it for the benefit of my clients and also for my own projects. Practically I could say that almost 80% of my capacity went from print to digital and this was because of how everything became so easy with the arrival of Triobo. In Triobo I am preparing interactive publications and digital magazines for my customers including advertising under their own brand.

Pros and Cons of Triobo?

Among the positives I undoubtedly count the intuitive operation, because environment and work resemble the “classic” DTP program. I appreciate especially the comprehensive Triobo editor thanks to which I create most of things needed for interactive publications directly in Triobo – and this includes various animations and effects.

As for the cons, as I think of it I do not really see any strikingly substantial. The fact that I use Triobo editor for creation of digital publications and not Indesign does not restrict me. Perhaps master pages as we understand them in InDesign would be suitable, but according to the manufacturer statement, Triobo it is currently having them under development. Templates can be used in Triobo for a long time already. However I would certainly welcome the work with vectors. Overall I am quite happy with Triobo.

The main question.  Who is Triobo’s target audience?(huge publishing houses or corporations or small agencies)?

Simply said: Triobo is for anyone who wants to publish on mobile platforms. It does not matter whether it is one-time publication, journal or publishing portal; it does not matter whether it is a transfer from a print to digital or interactive tablet title that is created from scratch. Creating digital publications is easy, but it requires a bit of empathy and courage to try new things. This is really simple to use tool and yet it offers very much. In addition to publishing on all platforms including the web, Triobo also provides specialties such as vouchers so publishers are able to provide free digital subscription to print subscribers. Triobo is custom made not only to “one man show” publishers, but also to large publishing houses or advertising agencies.

What do you like most about Triobo?

Most of things I do straight in Triobo and I don’t have to use other programs, not even look for any programmers (by the way the scripts that I use in my other digital projects can be also used in Triobo). With one mouse click I can get the final publication published on iOS and on virtually all Androids with all resolutions and also publish on the web, so the publication can be enjoyed by PC users.

What do you dislike about it?

Nothing does fundamentally. As I have mentioned before I would very much appreciate the option of working with vectors. And certainly the work of article order management in digital publication could be improved. But the new beta version is available that solves this very thing better.

Have you tried other programs?

Yes I have just tried to experiment a little and as a seasoned InDesign user I have considered conditions and performance of Adobe DPS. I must frankly admit that neither one had interested me. Not only from an economical point of view but also its functionality and how outputs are generated. On the contrary Triobo had immediately attracted me because I was able to create in it right away.

How Triobo analytic helps you?

I am able to find out how many readers I have, what interests them, what articles they read and whether they have read it to the end, how much time on average was spent on each article etc. – a really great thing for publishers for immediate feedback!

You’re advice to new publishers?

To start with, I would recommend not to be afraid of digital publishing because it’s really simple. They will quickly orient themselves in Triobo and they can try everything for free at their own pace and as long as they wish. The success requires only one thing and that is the will to adjust their current thinking to what publishers want – to create a new content for tablets. It is necessary to realize that there is a difference between electronic and paper magazine, simply by that the digital is read by different way. Therefore we need to think differently about layouts, interactivity and access to presentation of content; certain change of thinking is fundamental but then it goes quickly. To create truly impressive, interesting and entertaining interactive publication is then quite easy.

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