8 Excellent Examples of Product Placement in eMags

I hope, digital publishing will kill boring ad. Let’s see screencast of smart, selling, interesting and effective product placement in digital magazines. Every designer, publisher and marketing manager has to see it.

1. Digital magazine Better Homes and Gardens will make you feel like an interior designer. My favourite feature in this magazine, really smart solution.


2. Digital magazine Parents. Interactive playroom for kids. Books, movies, music and apps in an interactive playroom.

3. Digital magazine The Kit. The smartest way to advertise eyeliners

4. Digital magazine Beautiful Design Made Simple. Mix it up tool. Choose the best colour combination right inside the app.

5. Digital magazine Real Simple. Have you ever seen crackers ad? Now you have.

6. Digital magazine The Kit. To publish a beauty magazine you should know the best ways to advertise cosmetics. There is a hint.

7. Digital magazine Cidade Jardim. Unusual way to advertise accessories using scrollable frames

8. Digital magazine Bon Appétit. Old but very effective way to advertise products is a gift guide.


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