Designing an Interactive Magazine. Maps

One of the most important things in travel magazines is a map, especially in digital magazines, because we have tools to create interactive and interesting maps, which attracts readers attention and help to show more information. I looked through lots of digital mags and
I posted the most interesting examples of using maps here. 

Escapism Magazine Hemispheres Magazine Maps in Digital mags Escape Magazine

Google Maps. A lot of magazines use Google Maps or similar services in magazines. Web-maps are great if you need to show exact place with an adress or show a route. These maps have one disadvantage, they require an internet connection.

Infrarouge MagazineOBOS-bladet Magazine

I like an idea of using Google maps in ads. Fashionguide for iPad

Interactive Maps. Usually in digital mags are used maps with pop-ups to show more information.

Revista DON MagazineRevista DON MagazineTelescope MagazineTravel+Leisure iPad Magazine RedBull Bulletin MagazinetelemagFujifilm X Magazine

Static Maps. Digital publishing platforms provides different tools to create interesting and interactive maps however it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use static maps. If we can show all information without using pop-ups  it’s an advantage.

Bleu&Blanc MagazineUrban MagazineTravel+Leisure iPad MagazineTraveler MagazineOverlap iPad Magazine

Table of Content. Traditional tables of content are useless in digital mags, but of course there are exceptions and using interactive maps is a good way to improve a table of content and make it informative.

Travel+Leisure iPad MagazineEndless Vacation MagazineMARCO POLO Travel MagazineTamTam Magazyn Podróżników

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