Designing an Interactive Magazine. Slideshows

Readers used to think of images as static elements, and therefore it is important to choose the right icon to indicate an action. There are 5 types of slideshow buttons.
Designing an Interactive Magazine.


1. The most common type of slideshow icon is left and right arrows:  

KIT Magazine bon appetit iPad MagazineFantastic Living Magazine

2. The second type is a modification of the first one: arrows plus the number of the image Designing an Interactive Magazine.
allure iPad Magazine Departures blackbook iPad MagazineMint Interactive Magazine

3. Tap to the button to see the next image:

Designing an Interactive Magazine.

4. Tap to the button to see the next image plus the number of the image. I prefer this type to the 3rd one, because these icons show readers exact the number of pictures unlike the 3rd type where the number of frames on the icon doesn’t match the number of pictures.

 Designing an Interactive Magazine.

5. Swipe to see the next image:

HobbyCraft Magazine Holmes Place Mag

Photo pop-ups

Most of the time, a camera symbol means photo pop-ups or changing the images.  Designing an Interactive Magazine.

The alternative for a camera could be Designing an Interactive Magazine. 

Usually a camera is not a symbol readers associate with a slideshow or galleries, yet slight modification could turn a pop-up into a slideshow icon:   Designing an Interactive Magazine. Galleries and Slideshows


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